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Nanozeolite and Hierarchical Zeolite Formulations for the Skin Care, Healthcare, Home Care, Water and Gas Purification Markets

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Our ready-to-use nanozeolites and hierarchical zeolites are available for R&D and product development

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Our mission is to be an essential partner in our customers’ success through collaboration, applied science and demonstrated value.

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We’ve built our company on offering innovative – yet practical – zeolite-based solutions for customers in the skin care, home care, healthcare and water & gas purification markets.

What’s New?

Dr. Prabir K. Dutta


ZeoVation co-founder elected to National Academy of Inventors

Election as an NAI Fellow is a high honor bestowed upon academic innovators and inventors who have “demonstrated a prolific spirit of innovation in creating or facilitating outstanding inventions and innovations that have made a tangible impact on quality of life, economic development, and the welfare of society.”


With 16 patents granted and 12 pending, Dutta has won numerous awards related to his inventions, including three spots on the prestigious R&D 100 list, which salutes the best inventions to emerge from industry, government and academia each year.


ZeoVation at a Glance

At ZeoVation, we develop and produce nanozeolites and hierarchical zeolites to improve the quality, performance, and effectiveness of our customers’ products while reducing their environmental impact.  We are enabling the next generation of everyday products in the skin and sun care, home care, personal healthcare, and gas & water purification markets.

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