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ZeoVation, Inc.

ZeoVation is an applied materials company that has developed a cost effective method for manufacturing nanozeolites and hierarchical zeolites that can be used to improve the effectiveness of consumer products such as skin care lotion, sunscreen or laundry detergents, increase the efficiency of water softeners and water filtration systems, and better the ability of products to control odors.

So what does that mean? Wouldn’t it be great if there were a company that could produce a sunscreen that absorbed AND blocked harmful UV rays, could be applied less frequently , and reduced the toxic chemicals that would be absorbed into the skin?

What if a company could develop a fast efficient water purification process that would remove radioactive waste from nuclear waste or would clean up waters contaminated with toxic heavy metals caused by fracking?

These are just a few of the products and processes where ZeoVation’s zeolites can be catalysts to improve the characteristics of the end product. Zeolites are already used in some such products; however, nano and hierarchical zeolites have advantages of large external and internal surface area and short diffusion paths far and above those of the typical zeolite.

ZeoVation uses a patent-pending process that produces nanozeolite yields in excess of 90%. ZeoVation has also patented a method for synthesis of hierarchical zeolites with similarly high yields. ZeoVation is the only company that can produce nanozeolite particles in large, commercially viable quantities so that companies can exponentially (significantly) improve their consumer and environmental products.

Fast Facts

Year Founded:  2016
Headquarters:  Columbus, Ohio

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Zeovation, Inc.
1275 Kinnear Rd.
Columbus, Ohio 43212
email: info@zeovation.com

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