Dr. Bo Wang


Dr. Wang started his career as a Chemist and Inventor. In 2016, Dr. Wang received his Ph.D. from The Ohio State University with Presidential Fellowship. During his research, Dr. Wang and his advisor Professor Prabir Dutta co-invented innovative manufacturing equipment and process that solved practical issues in manufacturing, including increased yield, improved efficiency, enhanced reproducibility, and potential for scale-up.

Dr. Wang continued his career as an Entrepreneur, who co-founded ZeoVation to commercialize this invention. In 2016-2018, Dr. Wang was focused on product development. Based on the zeolite nanoparticles, Prof. Dutta and Dr. Wang developed a long-lasting sunscreen active ingredient and a highly potent antimicrobial agent by encapsulating corresponding molecules/ions in the pores zeolite nanoparticles. Starting 2019, Bo pivoted his focus to manufacturing scale-up, corporate management, market validation, customer discovery, sales, and fundraising. Dr. Wang also led the effort to apply for and manage $2.3M product development grants from the National Science Foundation and Department of Defense. Moving forward, Bo is preparing himself as a technical business entrepreneur.

Professor Prabir Dutta


Professor Dutta is an Emeritus Distinguished University Professor at The Ohio State University in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Prior to joining Ohio State, Professor Dutta worked as a scientist at Exxon Research and Engineering Company. He has published 266 refereed manuscripts as an independent investigator, several book chapters, edited two books and is the author of twenty issued patents, and ten patent applications, and been a mentor for about 100 postdoctoral and graduate, research students. The Ohio State University has licensed several of Professor Dutta’s sensor inventions to companies. Professor Dutta has recently co-founded ZeoVation, which is an applied materials company focused on zeolitic microporous materials with added functionalities for environmental and consumer markets. On the pedagogical side, a significant contribution has been to develop an NSF-supported Ohio-wide effort to alter the curriculum of undergraduates taking chemistry courses with the goal of increasing the number of Science and Engineering graduates in the state of Ohio. The innovation was to introduce research into the laboratory curriculum, and this program has reached tens of thousands of students across Ohio. Professor Dutta is a Fellow of AAAS and the National Academy of Inventors.