The Ignite Award

The IGNITE Award is a key to building momentum for attracting startups, innovators and entrepreneurs to Prince William County. Among 6 winners in the first round, Zeovation has been awarded $50,000 on account of being the first and only commercial provider of Zeolite particles and the development of long lasting antimicrobial additive products. 

“Since we relocated to Northern Virginia area, we are impressed by how much resources we have received here. Ignite is giving us the opportunity to get in front of people, to build connections, and get resources to generate a good start here in Prince William County.” – Dr.Bo Wang, CEO of Zeovation

The grant will aim to fund ZeoVation’s R&D center opening up in Prince William County, Virginia. We are extremely excited to put this grant to use and are confident that it will propel us further within the pharmaceutical industry.