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Hierarchical Zeolite Powders

As microporous crystalline materials, zeolites, particularly faujasite zeolites, find applications in catalysis, separation, adsorption, and ion exchange. Some drawbacks of conventionally prepared zeolites are mass transfer limitations, inaccessibility of bulky molecules, and coke formation. 

The combination of micro and mesopores leads to a hierarchical zeolite structure, where mesopores can enhance the transfer and chemistry of bulky molecules, followed by reactions within the micropores of the hierarchical zeolite framework. Ion exchange also happens at different length scales. 


Depending on your needs, we can encapsulate and control the release of a wide variety of molecules to solve or enhance the properties of your product or application through our hierarchical zeolites.

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Hierarchical Zeolite Powder

Additional Details:

Product Information
Product Type

Powder, No Organic

Product Name Faujasite Hierarchical
Particle Size 500 nm
Crystallinity Crystallized Faujasite
Surface Area BET: 806 m^2/g | External: 189 m^2/g
Chemical Composition Na2O: 2.96 SiO2: Al2O3 (Si/Al 1.48)

TEM Images

hierarchical zeolite tem images

XRD Patterns

hierarchical zeolite xrd patterns

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