Nanozeolite Powder

Compared with micron-sized zeolites, our nanozeolites have advantages of large external surface areas and short diffusion paths, which are crucial for effective ion-exchange and catalysis applications.

Our innovative nanozeolites are also important starting materials for the synthesis of featured zeolite structures, such as membranes and films.

Product Information

Product Type Powder, Dried from Dispersion
Product Name Faujasite Nanoparticles
Particle Size: 29 Ā± 7 nm
Crystallinity: Crystallized Faujasite
Surface Area: BET: 625 m2/g | External: 219 m2/g
Chemical Composition: 0.25 Na2O: 0.75 (TMA)2O(2OH): 3.52 SiO2: Al2O3 (TMA: tetramethylammonium ion; Si/Al 1.76)

TEM Images

XRD Patterns