Introducing ZeoVation

Enabling the Next Generation of Zeolites.

ZeoVation produces and supplies zeolite materials to the sun/skin care, home care, healthcare, coatings, water and gas purification markets.

Our ready-to-use zeolite products include nanozeolites and hierarchical zeolites.

We are dedicated to providing assistance to the research and corporate R&D community to develop products relevant to their interests using the unique features of our featured zeolites.

Some applications for our zeolite varieties include:

Catalysis  –  Separation/absorption  –  Pharmaceutical  –  Detergent  –  Membrane synthesis  –  Optical material
General antimicrobial  –  Bandages/sprays  –  Coatings  –  Water purification  –  Ion-exchange


Nanozeolites are ideal for applications such as:

  • catalysis
  • separation/absorption
  • pharmaceutical
  • detergent
  • membrane synthesis
  • optical material.

Compared with micron-sized zeolites, nanozeolites have the advantage of a large external surface area and short diffusion path, which is crucial for effective ion exchange and catalysis applications.

Nanozeolites are also an important starting material for the synthesis of featured zeolite structures, like membranes and films.

Hierarchical Zeolites

Hierarchical zeolites are perfect for applications such as:

  • catalysis
  • separation/absorption
  • water purification
  • detergents.

We combine micropore and mesopores without organics.

Combining micro and mesopore zeolites creates a hierarchical structure that can enhance the transformation of bulky molecules and promote ion-exchange.

To learn how our innovative zeolites can help you, drop us a line.