Our Story


Small particles that kill pathogens. 

Dr. Bo Wang, the CEO and co-founder of ZeoVation obtained his PhD in Chemistry with Presidential Fellowship at The Ohio State University in 2016 with inventions on zeolite related materials, like zeolite nanoparticles, zeolite membranes and zeolite hierarchical structures. In the last year of his tenure, he took a technology commercialization course and decided to be an “Entrepreneur” to form a startup company based on his inventions. Professor Prabir Dutta, Dr. Wang’s thesis advisor, had worked with several companies that licensed the sensor technology coming out of his lab and was familiar with patents, raising funds, and device fabrication issues.

Prof Dutta and Dr. Wang co-founded the company ZeoVation in 2016, with the goal of exploiting the features of highly microporous materials called zeolites. Dr. Wang had developed an efficient synthesis of zeolite particles of 30 nm dimensions, which was scalable. ZeoVation offered the zeolite to the academic and industrial research community as its first product. Drs. Wang and Dutta also recognized that there was potential to use the zeolite as a platform to develop consumer products. Their initial research focus was in two areas: enclosing photosensitive molecules in its micropores, thus stabilizing them with the goal of developing novel sunscreens, and encapsulating transition metal ions in the micropores, which via controlled release could act as antimicrobial and antiviral agents. Based on our research progress and consumer interest, ZeoVation’s value-added product focus currently is on the antimicrobial/antiviral additive. Our team also includes Dr. Sweta Shrestha who serves as the Senior Research Chemist. ZeoVation has received funding, investment and support from The Ohio State University, Rev 1 Ventures (the accelerator for central Ohio), the Ohio Third Frontier Technology Validation and Start-up Fund (TVSF), the National Science Foundation, the Department of Defense. ZeoVation is now on its way to becoming a leader in the area of smart particle technology.