Antimicrobial for Wound Dressings and Bandages

Zeovation-Antimicrobial-Bandage-Wound-DressingThe additive is an advanced controlled release antimicrobial treatment for wound dressings and bandages. ZeoVation’s anti-microbial, smart particle is used to help prevent infection and provide protection from common infectious bacteria and other contaminants.

The Need for Antimicrobial Wound Dressing

The value proposition that has motivated the development of our antimicrobial is the proliferation of antibiotic resistant bacteria, and the dramatic fall in the number of antibiotics in development.

The Advantage

The antimicrobial has been developed with extensive consideration given to product performance. It helps to:

  • Resist bacterial colonization within the dressing
  • Reduce bacterial penetration through the dressing
  • Provide protection against gram-, gram+ and fungi/yeast microorganisms; and,
  • Limits cross-contamination from and to the patient, clinician and environment

The Effectiveness

Our controlled release antimicrobial is effective against gram positive, gram negative bacteria (including methicillin-and vancomycin resistant bacteria) as well as fungi and viruses.

With significantly higher potency, it requires lower antimicrobial dosages with a lower environmental footprint and lower non-bacterial cellular interactions.  The key features of our antimicrobial are:


  • An enormous increase in surface area, resulting in more coverage with lesser particle amounts. Compared to micron-sized particles that is an 1000x increase in surface area coverage.
  • Faster, more efficient ion exchange due to the shorter distance the molecules have to travel;
  • Ability to penetrate and destroy bacteria from the inside out.

Product Information

Product Type: Powder or Dispersion
Product Name: FRAg [Fast release] or SRAg [Slow release]
Particle Size: 30 nm to micron-size aggregates


Test Results for FRAg (fast release) and SRAg (slow release)
7 to 8 log 10 reduction of bacteria counts (CFU/ml)
Testing Notes:
  • Substrate : 30-40 nm transparent, dispersible NZ crystals (agglomerate size controlled from nanometers to microns)
  • Conditions for antimicrobial testing: E.coli, FRAg, SRAg = 100 µg/ml, 37 °C, 75 min
  • MIC (MBC) of FRAg 1.56 micrograms/ml; SRAg 3.125 micrograms/ml (positive control ampicillin 0.5 micrograms/ml) towards E.coli (2.5×104 CFU/ml)